Tim Horton McBrewski (cupcakesusie) wrote in onepiecesims2,
Tim Horton McBrewski

Default Easel Replacements

I stumbled across a Default Easel Paintings tutorial today and since it looked fairly easy to do I thought I might tackle making a One Piece-themed replacement. However, I'm at a loss as to which pictures or images would be ideal for this project so I thought asking this fine community of people might generate some help.

Would you have any suggestions for what I could use for these pictures? The specifics for the pics is that they must be exactly 256x442 pixels in measurement (or at the exact ratio)* and be in PNG format (but it's not really hard to convert a jpeg to a PNG, I don't think). Recall that means that the pic must be taller than it is wide. I want to avoid squishiness here, so finding a good picture that can comfortably be resized to 256x442 is a bit troublesome. I will also require 12 images.

Any suggestions? Submissions? Ideas?

* By 'the exact ratio' I mean this: 256/442 = Approx. 58%. So it's likely I can work with some wiggle room regarding size as long as the pic isn't huge or disproportionate (i.e. the ratio is something like 72% or 50%). I hope you understand where I'm coming from.
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