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Nami, Robin, Kalifa, Perona ~ ♥

I've just been introduced to this community, and I am so so sooo glad I'm not the only person out there with a Grand Line neighbourhood. This is my first batch of One Piece Sims, with more on the way! Cross-posting this from my Journal...

Once upon a time, there were four Sim ladies...


There was Nami, who loved money, and had a wonky colour scheme because the Sim Gods used a POP figure as reference, and only realised later that it didn't match the anime.


There was Robin, who loved books, and 60s bouffant hairdos, because the Sim Gods hate trawling through websites looking for appropriate meshes.


There was Kalifa, who loved bubbles, and was basically wearing the same thing as Robin but the Sim Gods just whistled and looked the other way when it was mentioned.


And finally there was Perona, who loved cute things, and had the most effort put into her outfit because the Sim Gods lovelovelove pink.

So these four lovely ladies lived together in a neighbourhood called the Grand Line, and had adventures. And the Sim Gods attempted to capture these adventures, although by the time the Sim Gods realised they needed to change the settings on their camera to get decent photos, all the little bitches had spent the whole afternoon sunbathing. So Robin and Perona especially were the wrong skin tone, but the Sim Gods had already saved their game, and were getting pissy, so they just went with it.

Before the tanning, just as a reference.

Nami loves to navigate, naturally.

Until she steers the ship straight into an island.

Maybe it wouldn't have happened if Robin was actually looking in the right direction.

Perona thinks you're a loser. And coming from someone with such a weirdly pixelated body, you know that's an insult.

ZombieBunny!Bearsy thinks you're a loser too. Double burn!

Nami decides to go for a swim. The hard way.

Then an invisible enemy attacks (Absalom?) and she does that slow-mo-twisting-arching-backward-fall she does every time she gets hurt in battle.

Meanwhile, Robin explores ancient ruins and flirts with the camera. (ARGH, fourth wall, fourth wall!)

But Kalifa decides to ruin everything by turning the lava to bubbles with her Devil Fruit power, and definitely not a box of soap.

Robin tries to have a conversation with Perona, but she's only interested in talking through Bearsy. And then screaming at him not to talk.

Kalifa relaxes after a long day of mischief and being physically unable to keep her damn clothes on for more than five seconds.

And Nami has a reflective moment. Where she's probably daydreaming about Zoro nailing Sanji over the kitchen table.

So I know they're not exactly amazing, but they're the best I can do, and I spent an embarrassing amount of time making them, so I figured I'd share them with you guys.


Okay, here's where things get complicated. I've never attempted anything like this before, so please let me know if I've done anything wrong, or if there's a problem with the packages. Which I'm sure there will be, knowing me.

(EDIT: Mesh for clothes and Perona's hair included.)

Nami's outfit is a recolour of a top from the base game, and bottoms from the Nightlife expansion pack, which will be required for the outfit to show up.
Robin, Kalifa and Perona's outfits are all recolours for a mesh found here. This mesh is required for the clothes to show up. You will need to register with Mod The Sims to be able to download, although registration is free.

Nami and Kalifa both feature hair from Peggy Sims. As per the site's policy, the hair is not included in the packages. However, registration at the site is free, as are both these downloads. Nami's hair is here. Kalifa's hair is here. (EDIT: It appears this has been changed to a donator gift (payment required) in the last 24 hours. I guess I'm jinxed. I'll try to find an alternative to include with my next batch of Sims.) Don't forget to download the meshes, or the hair will not show up.
Robin features hair from Raonsims. As per the site's policy, the hair is not included in the packages. However, registration at the site is free, as is the download, which can be found here. Don't forget to download the mesh, or the hair will not show up.
Perona features a recolour of hair by Nouk. It is included in the download, although you will still need to download the mesh here for it to show up.

Nami, Robin and Kalifa all feature Stranger's Eyes with Nami in Brown, Robin in Blue and Kalifa in Violet. They are included in the package.
Perona features Yumedust's Eye Love in Ebony. They are included in the package.
Kalifa's glasses are Maxis base game.
Nami's skintone is a recolour of a Maxis skintone with an added tattoo. It is included in the package.
Perona's eyeliner is included in the package.
All make-up is Maxis base game.

Also, all objects in the snapshots are Maxis own, with no custom content pictured, in case anyone might be wondering. Most are from the Bon Voyage expansion pack.

Damn, told you it got complicated. Obviously, I had to work around my limitations (I know nothing of meshing) so Perona has no cape and Kalifa is wearing boots because trying to making shoes work with the fishnets was too difficult. Also, I'm sure there's probably hair out there that works better for the characters, but I get bored looking for meshes, so if anyone has any recommendations, I'd love to hear them. Not just for these girls, but any OP characters. Especially Usopp. The only reason he wasn't included is because I haven't found hair for him yet, but his outfit is done.
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