Tim Horton McBrewski (cupcakesusie) wrote in onepiecesims2,
Tim Horton McBrewski

A submission of my own

I did finish my Default Easel Painting project a while back, but wasn't fully satisfied with the quality of one of the pictures. However, I think it's as good as I'm going to get it so I thought I'd offer it up for download if anyone wanted it.

The .rar file that follows contains default easel painting replacements. This means that the pictures that a sim paints when you select 'Paint' will be altered to the ones I've specified, even if there are already half-finished ones in your game. You can only have *one* set of default paintings in your game at a time, so do be careful about installing this.

The pictures are based upon this adorable fanart found right here. I did receive the artist's permission to post this.

What I did was cut each image from the painting and give the background a fill color that nearly matched the color of the ball they came with. Since I was forced to use MSPaint, I had to do a lot of editing using the pencil tool to fill in the gaps so please forgive me if it's not a professional job. :(

You can find the default set here on my 4shared account. Enjoy! If you wish to offer any constructive feedback, I am more than happy to accept it since this is my first time trying to actually make something for the game.
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