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Welcome, fellow LJ User! By now you must be here for one reason: you are a fan of the manga/anime One Piece and you also play the massively popular PC game The Sims 2. As I'm sure you're well aware, there is a metric ton of custom content that has been made for The Sims 2 in the few years since it's release, and there are quite a number of talented artists that make such content to make our games just a little bit more fun.

This community is intended to be a gathering point where we can share our own discoveries of One Piece-themed CC in the Sims community or even our own creations. Who wouldn't like having a Luffy Sim in their game? Or a Nami? The prospect of being able to witness Zoro and Sanji fight like an old married couple in 3D just gives me shivers of delight.

So onepiecesims2 is a place where we can all gather to share our mutual love for our mutual interests. Have you found a well designed piece of artwork for the game? Post here and tell us all about it! Seen a fairly accurate Luffy posted somewhere? Let us know! Have you created something One Piece-themed that you want to share with the community? Chances are, you'll be well received here.

Now for the important part: the rules.

1). If you're posting about something you've found on another site, you need to include the link to obtain it, the name of the creator, links to any required meshes if they're not offered at the link in question and, if for some reason it's a pay item, please tell us so. Also, please tell us if registration is required to access the link.

2). If you've created something and you'd like to share it with us, post a link to where we can get it and (if it's not hosted elsewhere) a picture of the content in question. More information that would be greatly appreciated would be the size of the item and what expansion packs (if any) are required to use it.

3a). If you're posting a general request, be nice in the way you phrase it. People don't generally respond to demands.

3b). If someone's offered to create something for you/us, don't continually pester them until it's finished (Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Isitdoneyet?!). No one is required to make anything for us, and odds are they just offered to do so out of the kindness of their heart. Don't abuse their generosity. Sometimes life gets in the way. Real life takes precedence over Internet Life.

4). If you're offering constructive criticism to someone else's creation, don't be a jerk about it. Saying 'He's okay, but his facial features could be a little bigger' is an example of concrit. Saying 'That sucks! My blind dog could create someone better than you did!' is an example of being a jerk. Don't do this.

5). If you're posting pictures (of something you've seen or something you'd like to see get made), they must be under an LJ Cut.

6). If you want to post spoilers for the latest anime/manga, you must state you're doing so and then post your comments under an lj-cut. This is just common courtesy.

Feel free to post your Sims 2 Stories and/or pictures here as long as they're One Piece related and the pictures are all under an LJ Cut. We'll all love them, I'm sure.

I hope that this community will be beneficial for all of us One Piece fans in The Sims 2 community (all three of us, heh heh). Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay. :)
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