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Zoro, Usopp, Sanji ~ ♥

Another batch of Sims, another dial-up hating post.

Here come the boys...


Zoro's clothes are a Maxis base game recolour.
Zoro's hair is a Maxis base game recolour.
Zoro features Stranger's Eyes in Brown-Green.
Zoro's scarred skin is a Maxis base game recolour.

Usopp's clothes are a Night Life recolour.
Usopp's hair is a recolour of a mesh I got with a Joker Sim download, and I have no idea where it comes from. Please, if anyone knows, let me know so I can credit appropriately.
Usopp features Yumedust's Eye Love in Coals.

Sanji's clothes are a Glamour Life Stuff recolour.
Sanji's hair is the Male Pixie Hair gender-converted mesh.
Sanji features Stranger's Eyes in Violet-Blue.
Sanji's eyebrows are a Maxis base game recolour.

So, yeah, there's some rather unattractive lines on Zoro and Usopp's waists where the mesh doesn't quite work for their clothes, but they're not really noticeable in the game. I had to leave those arm cuffs on Zoro, because otherwise he would have just had weird boxy wrists. Also, Usopp has a few weird lines on the inside of his thighs, because BodyShop isn't exactly flexible in what you can and can't see, so I had no idea that his shorts weren't covered properly until I examined these a little closer. And now I'm posting these, I can't even remember if Sanji actually wore a tie with that outfit. Urgh, so many excuses. I just wanted to do something a little different from the Sims that already exist here at onepiecesims2, although I'd already mostly finished Usopp when I was introduced to this comm, so he gets the traditional outfit. Everything should be included, all meshes and recolours, so hope you guys enjoy.

Story time!

Usopp is happy to have Sanji join the household. Zoro is not.

Oh, how I wish I'd been quicker to take photos here. The first thing Sanji and Zoro did was argue.

And then Zoro shouted at Sanji, and stuck his fingers in his ears and started singing when Sanji tried to reply. Can't believe I wasn't more zoomed in at the time, it was damn epic.

Should come as no surprise that Zoro is all about sunbathing at every available opportunity.

Give the boy a fire, and he'll cook with it.

Or pose wistfully beside it, whatever works.

Usopp practices his sniping skills. With, uh, axes. Well, it looks more dramatic than playing darts.

......Does this even require a caption?

All bang on target! Except for the ones that aren't.

Yes, the pose is glorious, but I think the real beauty of this picture is the fact that Zoro is in the background dreaming about teddy bears. He's pretty damn obsessed with them, they're all he talks about.

Work it, girlfriend!

Sanji is perhaps a touch vain.

Please feel free to imagine the following screenshots intercut with shots of Chopper sparkling and Miss Merry Christmas/Mr. 4/Perona/the villain of your choice looking terrified.


I want to go back and make some other outfits for the Sims I've already made (Drum Island outfits for the Outerwear category, that sort of thing) but I need to make some other characters first. Up next, Luffy, Vivi and the enigma that is Franky.
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